Friday, 26 September 2008


I hate to make you cringe on a beautiful morning like this, but we have been shocked to hear of a knitting related accident, which must be prevented from happening again.
One of our regular customers, the lovely Miss T, who always has a pair of socks on the go, managed to fall on a 4mm sock pin which went right through her foot. Miss T will be OK, and is just about able to walk, but has endured a huge amount of pain, caused by her favourite hobby.
We wish Miss T a speedy recovery, and hope that she isn't put off knitting.
PLEASE! We urge you all to get tougher slippers, and keep your pins safe.
Knitted first aid sign by Sue Russel


PYF now has a library for public use.  We have collected craft books, embroidery and knitting patterns for many years and have had some generous donations. Here are a few of the shelves!
Mary Cox from Croydon, has given us her mother's lovingly kept Stitch Craft magazines, which are catalogued in decades going back to 1947. There is also an entertaining folder of patterns cut out of other magazines, and some garments knitted in 3ply.
Rothy O'Brian, the last of the terrible knitters of Dent, has leant us folders with very early crochet patterns, and some unique patterns like helmets with ear flaps and jackets for whippets.
There are folders for babies, his and hers, lengthy 2 ply underwear, and things to do with odd ounces. 
You are welcome to spend time with our library. Photocopies are £1.50 and we can help you translate the older patterns into modern language.