Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Uncle Kim has Rocked and Rolled all over the world, and he agreed he'd never heard a guitar solo quite like the one Louise played at closing time last night.


We lost Zara to the spinning wheel this afternoon! It was a good first day's work, and we know as the weeks pass her yarn will get more and more relaxed.
Zara was taught by Uncle Kim, pictured here. Kim is a good pirate who lives in the West Indies and grows coco. He comes to visit a few times a year, gets drunk and tells amazing stories.
Kim taught me to spin too. He says you have to let the wool do it's own thing.
For a really good adventure, you can go and stay in his converted chicken shack with en-suite everything. I can put you in touch. He's got a toe missing where a shark got him but he can still build houses and catch your dinner.
Kim tells it as it is , sings the blues, and isn't really my Uncle but he likes it when I call him that.