Tuesday, 1 April 2008


What are they knitting in New York? 

our Sabrina Gschwandtner of KnitKnit fame, just e-mailed us these pictures of a banner she made with Cat Mazza, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Julia Bryan- Wilson, and Liz Collins. 
It says "AGENCY"..and so they are, and so they say.

In America, it is quite common to take a photo into a shop where they will machine knit it to A0 size. It's like having a big print made, except you can use it as a blanket. It is used a lot when servicemen go off to war, and the family can sleep under their portrait. It's a brilliant tool, because you can really say things on a big scale! Correct me if I'm wrong Sabrina, but I think this is how this banner was made?
Anyway, isn't it lovely? And here is a picture of them all discussing what to make! For more on this peace piece, go to