Tuesday, 1 April 2008


What are they knitting in New York? 

our Sabrina Gschwandtner of KnitKnit fame, just e-mailed us these pictures of a banner she made with Cat Mazza, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Julia Bryan- Wilson, and Liz Collins. 
It says "AGENCY"..and so they are, and so they say.

In America, it is quite common to take a photo into a shop where they will machine knit it to A0 size. It's like having a big print made, except you can use it as a blanket. It is used a lot when servicemen go off to war, and the family can sleep under their portrait. It's a brilliant tool, because you can really say things on a big scale! Correct me if I'm wrong Sabrina, but I think this is how this banner was made?
Anyway, isn't it lovely? And here is a picture of them all discussing what to make! For more on this peace piece, go to


Sabrina Gschwandtner said...

Hi Rachael!

The banner was made by Liz Collins on an industrial knitting machine at RISD; and yes, it's the same kind of machine on which "photo portrait blankets" are made.
Allison Smith contributed the A, Cat Mazza the G, E was Liz Collins, N was Julia Bryan-Wilson, C was Lisa Anne Auerbach, and Y was me.
The image underneath is a drawing of us (except Lisa Anne Auerbach, who couldn't make it) at a New School panel, where we presented the banner.

xo Sabrina

Prick Your Finger said...

Yes I thought the Y was you! It's a very good why. You're good at these things, that's Y!