Friday, 26 November 2010


There was a strange atmosphere at lunch today. Louise knitted a purple hat in a cashmere lambswool mix and didn't feel comfortable in it. Not long enough, it kept slipping forward and made her feel gormless. Zarah was feeling equally strange in a black berret, bought on the internet, which made her feel like she was wearing a tea cosy.
Danish pickled herrings, pumpernickel and mayonnaise shone light on the situation; Louise and Zarah swapped hats for an instant uplift.
We concluded that there is no point suffering in unfashionable silence, for an investment which could reward you in ways most unexpected.


Anonymous said...

This is the plot of 'Ant and Bee' by Angela Banner. Ant and Bee meet, swap hats, and become firm friends.

I think you'd like them! (All nice people do.)

Prick Your Finger said...

Oh my God I love Ant and Bee! The other day I moved the bookcase and sat down and read Happy Birthday with Ant and Bee. I'd really missed Kind Dog.