Thursday, 12 June 2008


It doesn't happen all that often, but today the wind blew and we locked ourselves out of the shop. 
We urgently needed a man. 
Then we saw one.
This is Kenneth James Baker, possibly the strongest man on Globe Rd.
You might recognise Ken because he has been a stunt man in Casino Royal, in an advert with David Hasselhoff,  and a double for a Crimewatch re enactment on serial killer who killed lots of blonde women.
Ken works out every day and has a 56" chest, and he can do the splits. 
He pushed the door open with a light touch and we agreed to knit him a new vest. 


Felix said...

That's awesome.

I might have to come to PYF and invent some kind of terrible damsel-in-distress situation so I can experience this joyous masculinity for myself...

fash said...