Friday, 2 July 2010


Those of you that have followed our blog for a while will know that every year on our birthday, we take the sign down and wash it, twice. Re-erecting the sign is a long job, so we nominate tall, well dressed men of significant character.
This year we were blessed with John- Paul Flintoff, author of page turner, 'Sew Your Own', available at Prick Your Finger for £7.99
Thanks for your help J-P!


harriet said...

I thought it was looking sparkling at the party last Thursday, I meant to say to you how nice it look, and so expertly put up. John- Paul Flintoff is obviously a man of many talents.

baby crib said...

That is so cool. I hope he also visit my shop. I am sure that you so flattered. Imagine John Paul Flintoff put up your sign. You are so lucky.

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