Sunday, 10 February 2008


We love our street. Globe road is our home, and we like our neighbours the dry cleaners, they do mending and alterations, so they can take up your trousers, while we can darn your socks. 

Anyway, since we moved here, we've had a problem with the telephone cables, and the electric cables that light up their sign, and power their shutters. The cables keep falling out onto the pavement, and when we leave the side door, we trip over them. They kindly tape the cables onto the wall, but it doesn't last, and peels off in the rain. 
So this week we did something about it.  Rosemary knitted this marvelous strip of robots to cover the cables. We thought it best not to discuss the plan with the neighbours, but do it, and hope that they like it. 
Sunday morning, up it went and hopefully now we will all be safe and have much warmer telephone conversations. 

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