Saturday, 9 February 2008

Our Baby Rabbit RIP>

Rfid Albertavich RIP.

I would like to announce the very sad news that baby Rabbit, Rfid Albertavich, died suddenly but peacefully, whilst under anesthetic for a castration at the vets at the age of 7 months. 

Rfid, named after (Radio frequency identification system) son of Alberta, was born on Anglesey, Wales, moved to London at 10 weeks old, after his baby coat had been shawn off.  In his short life, he made one ball of the finest white angora yarn, and bundles of  fluffy, hot, panting, love. 

Rfid knew he was handsome. He would sit down and wait for me during the days, and in the evenings hop along the bar at the Florists ( pub) eating  celery from the bloody Mary's. Late nights, he guarded the shop,  eating the vintage knitting patterns and licking the walls.

He also ate in his short life, one book of Turner's water colours, the cover of Tears for Fears 'Head over Heals', and one pair of Ukranian straw slippers.

He had a successful career, modeling for the Tatty Devine, Dark Stages collection, and opening Prick Your Finger by welcoming our first customers with ribbons around his neck, and at one point talking to the Telegraph Magazine about sustainable fibres in fashion. 

His favourite food was fresh mint which kept his breath fresh for kissing, which he did every time he was picked up, followed by a cuddle, and then a bite about 10 minutes later. 

He is burried at my parents house, on the edge of Windermere, next to a stream, with a hazel tree planted on top. 

He is much missed.

Rfid Baby Rabbit RIP.

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