Saturday, 29 March 2008


A man came into the shop last week and asked if the wool was a cover for selling drugs.
We might look stoned, but that is because we are experienced, through our knitting.  
If we wanted to make loads of money, drugs would have been an easy option, but we make ends meet and when our customers show their work, we are reminded that wool when crafted is priceless. 
Here is a pattern for something to hand around at parties...


K=Knit; P=Purl; st.=stitch; tog.=together; dec.=decrease by knitting 2 sts. tog; inc.=increase by knitting same st. twice; beg.=beginning; rep.=repeat; ins.=inches; cms.=centimeters; pso.=pass 2nd st. over 1st st.

To make skin

Using 3.5mm needles, cast on 6sts in white. 

1st row. k.

2nd row. p.

rep. these 2 rows until skin reaches desired length, ending with P row.

next row. for un-lit spliff, cast off. For lit spliff, change to red.

1st red row. k.

2nd red row. p2tog, p2, p2tog.

3rd red row. k2tog, k2tog, pso, cut thread and pull through.

To make roach

Using 3.5mm needles, cast on 6sts. in red, green or blue. Work 6 rows, cast off, cut threads.

To make grass

Cut green / bown yarn into small pieces, and mix.

To make hash

Cast on 4 sts. in brown. k. 2-5 rows, cast off, roll and sew.

To Make up

Press skin using a warm iron and damp cloth. Place roach at one end. Place grass down centre of skin, and sew  sides of skin tog. using white thread. Cut lengths of grey mohair for smoke, and stitch onto fire. Back comb smoke.

To Make Cones

As staight skin but inc. 1st. at each end of every 6th row. For fire, dec. 1st. at end of each row, until 1st. remains, cut thread and  pull through.


felix said...

a cover for selling drugs?

'...International Craftsters Unite as underground drug Mafia.'

Strike that:

'...International Craftsters Unite as underground craft Raffia.'

Yes, we are the textile hoodlums.
Thanks for the spliff pattern! I am tee-totalling for a while after a bad drinking experience; I think I'll knit myself some booze. Knitted booze only comes with a sleep-deprivation hangover...

I am working on thos stitch-markers too, I promise... also, did you get glow in the dark photos I mailed?

Big love, da Felix

Prick Your Finger said...

Felix darling I'll knit you any drugs you want. How are you doing?
Yes I got your lovely pictures, thank you, and I've got an envolope of things here to post you!
I wanted to knit you a pair of roller skate socks. It might make it look like you are moving while you are lying there if you had wheels on the soles of your feet.