Wednesday, 30 April 2008


This week, we are loving the Black Welsh Mountain sheep. Louise is from Wales and she drew this picture of a fully grown Black Welsh Mountain sheep, which has very tight black curls a bit like Tom Jones. In fact, these darlings have been breed for centuries by the Welsh monks to be as black as can be, and very tasty.
Louise says it rains a lot in Wales, but if the sun does shine, it turns the wool a red / brown colour, otherwise known as Cochddu (red/ black)
I have to say, the Black Welsh Mountain is the best smelling yarn in the shop, probably because it comes from the mountains where they roam free, just doing their own thing.
(We sell sherling BWM Ropey and DK for 80p / 10g. )

PS> Oh and they have black mouths and tongues too...BAAAAA!


The Sick Chick said...

They are sooo cute! And if that's what I was spinning last night I am doubly impressed as it was soooo easy to spin too!


Oogie McGuire said...

Those are pictures of our lambs. We are Desert Weyr, LLC. You can buy wool, yarn and fleeces from us at our web site and our blog at