Thursday, 8 May 2008


I'd nearly finished my budgie portrait and not in the whole of Prick Your Finger could I find the one black sequin I needed for his eye. 
So, instead of wasting a bus fare into town, I called Barley at Fabrications, your other local Haberdashery over on Broadway Market, and she gave me three black sequins, just in case I lost one on the way home, which I did, and I still have one spare.
Haberdashery in East London is united. If PYF doesn't have what you need, then Barley probably has.  
I teach at Fabrications, and we have lots of mutual friends.  If all businesses worked together like we do, everything would be so much easier.

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Felix said...

This is indeed a model example for mutually beneficial business relationships!

I am so happy you got the sequins you wanted and that, should your budgie go Ogre and need 3 eyes, you have the resources now - thanks to Barley - to make that possible. He does look very nice with the ordinary number of 2 eyes though... but it's always nice to have options isn't it?