Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The problem with knitting and writing this blog all the time, is that my hands hurt all the time.
Well today it feels better because I am wearing Rosemary's fabulous new knitted Fruit Bracelets.
They are made with hand dyed cotton, and stuffed with foam, so they act as fresh comfortable wrist rests.
Made to order from PYF or on sale soon at Hoxton Boutique.


Knit-Marie said...

Hi guys,
the picture I took of you both came out very well and is now posted on my blog. I didn't realise that the fruit bracelets had a practical use apart from being adorable.
By the way...I'll wash the sari yarn and let you know if it gets any softer.

hilary said...

Tasty wristlets, and lovely for keeping the boys at a safe distance too... does the dear Rosemary do cherrys and pineapples and suchlike? What about some savoury items: ham, swiss cheese, you know the sort of thing?