Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Any day now, the Guardian are to publish a knitting supplement. What a sensible newspaper!
We have made an I Pod cover out of spun 2ply cassette tape and a Polystyrene Cup Cover out of spun  aran 'weight' plastic bags, the patterns for which you can find in the supplement.
The cassette tape yarn sparkles and has coloured stickers spun in with it. It has an amazing shock absorbing quality to it, so hopefully your i-pod will last longer.
The plastic yarn for the cup cover is durable, crunchy, soft and of course, washable.
We took these photos in our local park in Bethnal Green, which we find more beautiful now we have used the plastic bags and cassette tapes which were growing in the trees and bushes.  The patterns are very easy, and we hope you like them.


Felix said...


I am very excited about the Guardian's knitting supplement. What an excellent idea.

When is it coming out??!!

I am also delighted by your suggestion for the tape-yarn... my cassette yarn is still awaiting its miraculous transformation. I feel it may become some kind of knitted radio in lieu of the show...

...my little Felix heart is full of longing when I see the happy photos of you in the park. Once all this madness is over I shall be hoppity skipping on my new feet to Bethnal Green to enjoy some restorative knitting time with the lovely Rachael and Rosemary.

It has made me very happy to see your photos here today!

thetinylittlegirl said...

wow! i love them both. congrats on appearing in the newspaper. such clever ideas for recycling old things.

fash said...

how exciting! well done, now the guardian's entire circulation can have pricked fingers, YES.

Sonja said...

I just wanted to say that Rosemary and Louise both look hot!