Friday, 5 September 2008


Louise and I went a bit deaf over the last week. We had blockages in our sinuses and ended up shouting at each other.  The washing machine's drainage pipe had a blockage as well. It was clogged up with limescale and lanolin, from washing hand spun.

Help came from Miss Fleur Oakes, the Glass Pingle, who whilst putting up a fantastic show in the shop, calmly suggested that Bicarbonate of Soda might help. So with a long piece of wire, we rodded pipes and listened to buzzing in and out of our ears. 

Then Fleur invited Bruce Gilbert from Wire to our party, and we listened to him talk about noise. 

Please enjoy Eardrum Buzzin' by Wire.

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Anonymous said...

hey gals,
Thanks for that little funny gem. As a very long term sufferer of tinnitus (and now partially deaf from menieres disease) I hugely appreciate someone looking fun and quirky and singing about it (I think I heard the lyrics right.......)
susan from loop