Monday, 2 February 2009


Today I will take the train back to London. 
Last night, I was looking through my Granny's patterns, and I found this steam train, which must have been drawn by my Grandpa. He loved drawing trains. He even drew the signal.
I don't think she ever made it.
PS> Never did take train to London due to snow.


misa said...

I'm so touched by your few words on your grand parents… My granny used to be a knitter, she's still alive but doesn't feel like knitting anymore, her needdles are mine now.

PrincessPurling said...

That gave me a real lump in my throat!

Will you ever make it do you think?

Anonymous said...

Arrr bless you!! Thats a lovely picture that you can treasure forever


Prick Your Finger said...

I think I would like to embroider it on the front of a very fancy hat. There is painting, I think by Max Ernst where a steam train is coming out of a fireplace, and it looks very powerful as a symbol. I believe in steam, it is impressive and makes brilliant noises and smells.
I never did take the train to London because it snowed.