Saturday, 18 April 2009


Congratulations Felix on your SEXY fluffy yellow with blue bits ribbed raglan JUMPER! Hooray! I witnessed your anger and frustration at those fluffed over decreases, and it looked dreadful to un ravel, but then you fixed it in no time at all. Well done, it looks georgous. This was the fluffy jumper you wanted before, and the wool is so well spun you won't get fluff in your mouth. What next?

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Felix said...

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and expedient blogging! The jumper is indeed a thing of joy.

I am already working on my Shalom cardigan in Tait and Style yarn purchased from your very own shop! I can't stop knitting, it's too nice.

Here's a link to the pattern, so you can visualise me wearing the lovely Dusty Blue joy:

Hooray for knitting, my UFO is next in line!