Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I've come up with a solution for loosing yourself. The Post Code Sock.
By in corporating the post codes of all your loved ones into your knitting pattern, not only do you no longer need to travel with your address book, but in the un likely event of something awful happening to you, someone else can post you to a place you'd rather be.
One sock says 'Please' across the top and the other says 'Return' - not 'Ret Ase' as it looks in the picture.
They are being knitted on 2mm pins with navy and cream 4 ply Wensleydale. I can't wait to finish them.


Anonymous said...

I love these socks. They are gorgeous. Even the message, as pictured in the photo--"RET ASE"--is oddly appealing in a food-for-thought kind of way...Hope you'll post a photo of the finished pair.
Happy knitting!
Jana (enjoying your work from far away in California)

rachael said...

Thank you Jana, it is lovely to hear from you all the way over in Calafornia. I have just turned the first heal and I'll write about them again when I get back from holiday! x

Anonymous said...


eileenaway said...

How brilliant!!