Thursday, 17 September 2009


For those of us in need of a good weep, may I suggest, in case you'd missed it, the informative documentary about the troubles with Harris Tweed. You can catch up on the i player and there is another episode next week.
There are some brilliant people out there, bringing the production back to life but it isn't easy. Buy Harris Tweed if ever you can, and if you can't find it or afford it, just talk appreciatively of it, often...


pen said...

and did you hear they are dropping the 'scottish' bit off the Harris Tweed label in USA?
because of the backlash to the release of the Lockabie bomber
love Harris Tweed passionately

Anonymous said...

That is crazy. Politics like that must seem so stupid to a weaver up there.

Anonymous said...

We are NOT I can absolutely assure you dropping 'Scottish' or 'scotland 'from our PR and Marketing - not in the USA or anywhere else. We in the Harris Tweed Industry are desperately proud to be Scottish, but even more so to be Hebridean.

Thank you most sincerely for your support of our industry.

Harris Tweed Authority