Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Serious second sock syndrome with this pair! I started them during the Men's Wimbledon Semi - Final and finished last weekend.
The postcode socks are incredably warm, in Wensleydale 4 ply, and contain postcodes of my loved ones, so should I ever be washed up or lost on an adventure, I shall be returned to somewhere familiar.
The second sock was harder, because after my family, there are so many postcodes and places and loved ones to choose from.


Anonymous said...

They are lovely. Are you going to publish a pattern?

Love M

Prick Your Finger said...

Hi M, I could do yes and then people could fill in their own friend's postcodes. I do recommend them because they are really warm. Impossible to wear with central heating but lovely in drafty places or outside. love R x

natalie said...

These are wonderful.
Are you on ravelry? I have put a link from my group to the blog but I can't "earburn" you to let you know I have done it because I don't know who you are!

Prick Your Finger said...

Hi Natalie,

Yes we are on ravelry as Prick Your finger. I'm Rachael Matthews! Pleased to meet you. gosh I don't know how earburn works, but I would be most flattered to experience it. Love Rachael x