Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Congratulations to Miriam, my editor at Simply Knitting Magazine, who threw caution to the wind, and successfully knitted a Maltese Falcon. Miriam has never knitted anything like this before. There are very few patterns avaliable for Maltese Falcons so she made it up as she went along.
The Falcon has been posted to New York where he guards a collection of Film Noir.
I was pleased for Miriam, because I gave her a really difficult project to tackle for the UFO Project Administration Service, and through that, she discovered that knitting off road and making exactly what she wanted was much more enjoyable.


Ann said...

"Very few patterns available"?
I didn't realize there were ANY patterns available.
Cool falcon. Cool movie.

Prick Your Finger said...

Dear Ann, yes I think you are right, there are no patterns, but I didn't want to say that there were, in case someone, somewhere, had made one, and was hugely offended by my lack of research!
Bu yes, hasn't Miriam done brilliantly!

Stephen said...

This is amazing!