Wednesday 17 March 2010


It took us a while to unload the car and van, but David F and Jackie at the Stanley Picker Gallery had tea and coffee on the go for us as soon as we arrived. Alex was helping us set up and launched straight into the drop spindling,
along with Ali, Yoko and Diana, who made great progress and produced a lot of yarn.David M and Terry, started fixing the bike to the training stand. We are to generate power for our factory with the bike and were hoping the bike would be blue, so it looks like Kraftwork's 'Tour de France' on the red platform, and it was! Terry has cycled all over the world on that bike and won many competitions.The bike stand was a bit wobbly so David drilled holes in a piece of wood to steady it.
We couldn't get a bit of plastic off the pin attached to the motor, and Terry hurt his finger trying.
Chris in the workshop managed to do it and put our roller on. Hopefully he will come to the disco on Thursday.
Felix cracked on with recording our sounds, interviewing us for her blog "The Domestic Soundscape' and carding.
Meanwhile, Zarah finished stitching together our aprons, which have a print of the first carding machine on the front.
Jane came all the way from Bethnal Green and did some spinning. You can see the pom poms Zara arranged on the bars handlebars.
Then Jane knitted her spinning on the knitting machine.
David M asked Chris to cross hatch the roller on the motor for better friction but it started shredding up Terry's tyres so Terry changed the tyres to yellow ones which looked really cool.
When It came to 6 o'clock, Louise rang the bell, and we didn't want to go home, but we had to, and we will be back again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful looking exhibition. Cant wait to see how the bicyle powered spinning wheel works.

Love M