Friday, 19 March 2010


This is me feeling a great sense of achievement when we thought we had got the bike power generator working. It ran smooth for about 30 seconds!
Generating the power is fine. We measured it with the multimeter and the bike is sending out between 10-14 volts. What we don't understand is why the voltage is fluctuating when it comes out of the DC-DC converter. It is meant to be a steady flow. There's a little screw which we are meant to finely tune, and we finely tuned it all afternoon and got nearly nowhere.When the power reaches the DC-AC Inverter, the protection light comes on and it beeps loudly. The electric spinning wheel is turning, but intermittently.
It was kind of frustrating, but it's great to be part of a team of people, passionately trying to solve a problem. We decided there was something wrong with the DC-DC converter.

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