Saturday, 1 May 2010


It's the first of May today. We are preparing to Dosey Doe under showers of cherry blossom, and spinning "If there is something" as a tribute to Roxy Music.
'If there is something' delivers 3 verses of romance, which will come in three different colour ways, but to begin we made,

'Reveal my secrets,
more than enough for me to share,
I would put roses round our door,
sit in the garden,
growing potatoes by the score'

The Romney greys are a crumbly country cottage with a thatched roof, and there's flecks of leaves and roses, white fluffy cashmere clouds and trickles of deep red silk for the passion.
(It's a bit greener than in the photo, there's dusty green alpacca merged with the greys.)
Next time we will climb a mountain and swim all the oceans blue.
Hand spun £2 per 10g.

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Gracie said...

I love that song.