Thursday, 17 June 2010


Please join us for 'Salon Bench Project - Bethnal Green' on Friday 2nd July, 3-6pm.
Salon Bench Project is the brain child of artist- curator Trevor Pitt and Kate Pemberton.
The Bethnal Green bench is one of eight benches being made by knitting groups across the UK, as part of 'The Knitting Salon'.
We are all asked to knit a 'plank' in Herdwick Moss Stitch, either at home alone, or in a gang at Prick Your Finger where we can discuss some hot topics and drink tea, taking it in turns to sit on the bench.
If you knit at home, Trevor explains,
"A plank is quite quick to knit, it's repetitive and relaxing and you can knock one out through two episodes of Corrie."
By adding planks we will be joining a nationwide gang, who we can meet as the benches tour the country.
Knitting packs are free, and if you can do knit and purl, you are most welcome.


TheStitchandMakeStudio said...

Hi Rachel,
My name's Abi and I'm doing the Northampton bench, which I'm frantically trying to finish.I run the Stitch and Make Studio in Northampton where I run alsorts of workshops, a Stitch and Bitch group and lots of other stuff besides. Your shop looks amazing, hopefully we'll meet up in MK for the Salon bench opening. Abi x

Prick Your Finger said...

Hi Abi,

Lovely to hear from you! I bet your bench is further on that ours! Loving the moss st though and the yarn is my favourite herdwick.
We look forward to meeting you x