Wednesday, 7 July 2010


It was a joy to spend time with Lisa Anne Auerbach a few weeks back. She stayed for a couple of days, on her way from LA to Paris. We went to the Art Worker's Guild for Lucinda Lampton's lecture on 'Temples of Convenience'.
Lisa's button was falling off her jacket. We were so busy talking and embroidering the snakes and ladders board (Lisa did no 29) that we didn't fix the button but sent her off to Paris with the needle and thread.
It was a good thing we did, because on arriving in Paris, Lisa Anne needed to wash her socks and knickers, but it didn't seem safe to dry them on the balcony of her hotel room, because they could have been caught in a light breeze, and fallen from the balcony, so she threaded them all together with the needle and thread, and they tidily drip dried in the bathroom.
Genius. Come back soon L-A x

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