Monday, 26 July 2010


Check out the new look! We needed a new lick of paint, so we've gone a shiny sour bronzy green with woolly carpet yarn letters and flowers.
We knitted a length of two colour intarsia on the chunky knitting machine. It took about a day and a night, was quite a work out on the arms, but most satisfying. I put it in the washing machine on 90 degrees. The weather was so hot, it dried instantly.
Then we cut the letters and loads of leaves and petals. With the help of the Kate Bush 1979 Christmas Special and the late Sebastian Horsley's generous spirit we spent quite a while stitching them together.

Unfortunatly there wasn't a man around to go up the ladder, so I went up there myself. It wasn't that bad, except that when you hit felted carpet yarn with a hammer in a light breeze, it lets off fiberous bits, which go up your nose, causing a hey fever effect.
Funnily enough, a lawn mower parked up on the pavement below. The driver was lunching at the Worker's Cafe. As I was putting up the sign, more dust was coming from the building work next door, and sticking to the window and the new glossy paint work. The builders, who were generous in lending their ladder, kindly offered to clean the window, so there we are, there were men about after all.
And here is Prick Your Finger's new facade, which I hope you will all come to visit soon.


Belle xx said...

this looks fabulous!
i wish i lived near enough to pop into your shop

Anonymous said...

Mugwump says, bravo, its a gas!

Anonymous said...

I put on a comment yesterday but it didn't get elevated to being published so I shall try again. The new shop front is brilliant, the colour lovely and the lettering very clever. We shall look forward to a 300 mile trip to see it. Well done!

Love M

Felix said...

The new sign looks amazing. I really miss you all and cannot wait for when my phD finishes, so I can come and hang out in the shop and have GOOD TIMES with you all!
Massive Love xxx

Prick Your Finger said...

Come on Dr Felix! You can finish it! Come back soon x

pen said...

love that green!
and the sign looks wonderful!

Prick Your Finger said...

It's Dulux heritage Victorian medium and dark bronze green, but mostly medium...

Rob Ryan said...

it is beautiful !!!

luv Rob x

IngridNation said...

Ooh, very snazzy and I love the flowers. I shall have to come and see it in person.
Inny xx