Friday, 22 October 2010


We are very sad that Ari Up died this week. I am lost as what to write.
We know every frame of this video, so lets watch it again.
We were very fortunate to have grown up with her influence.
She was only 48.
There was a lovely tribute by Vivien Goldman on Woman's Hour this morning.
Listen at
(about 3/4 of the way through the program)


TheStitchandMakeStudio said...

This group were the most dominating driving force in my teenage life and that woman was an utter maverick and motivation. I saw the Slits at Hammersmith Palais at the age of 16 and was bitten. It's vital to express your own individuality and find your own voice and i pity young people these days who have such vacuous and flabby role models. The Slits really helped form my opinions and outlook and made me the person i am today. They, and especially Ari are in my heart forever. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!! x