Tuesday, 16 November 2010


This is our friend Lucy.
Lucy lives in Dubai, but visits Prick Your Finger for knitting lessons. There aren't any knitters in Dubai, and people stare at her when she's making stitches on the beach.
Since we last saw Lucy, she'd been to a business networking meeting and met the love of her life, David. They will be married next year.
When Lucy told David she was off to her knitting lesson, he asked her to knit her a jumper and lovingly, she did.
Congratulations David, you found yourself the coolest wife!


Duncan said...

I think dave may be a little disappointed about the size of the jumper, but the hampster is in for a great christmas present.

Lucy said...

Ah David loved his sweater and thinks he might able to squeeze into it if he looses a little weight around his belly...

Dave said...

Yes, I did love my jumper. I am very lucky, almost as lucky as Lucy is having a partner who doesn't mind knitting needles and wool in the bed! Lucy was knitting away at the beach yesterday. The Prick Your Finger girls have created a monster. Lucky Dave