Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Louise was very brave. Fighting a fever, she put on her coat and hat, and braved the January weather to tidy up the back room at Prick Your Finger. Tidying up the back room has always been impossible - but we keep trying. At the end of Sandingham Road, she spotted the letter 'C', and picked it up. It was a useful fridge magnet, and she thought about who she could give it to.
On Dalston Lane, she stopped to grab a take away tea at the Dalston Cafe. As she was waiting, she spotted an 'a' on the pavement, and picked it up.
The tea made her feel a bit better and she started to walk a faster pace....until an 'n' stopped her in her tracks outside the Spurstow Arms. Picking up the 'n', she had the startling realization that she had just been told that she 'can'.
I would just like to second that motion - Louise can do anything.


Tom said...

They look like the letters from an old Fischer Price Schoolhouse! I used to have one as a kid, it had the whole alphabet and the roof would fold open and it was magnetic so you could spell out words:


Queen Liz No.2 said...

i third that......
only the other day she saved the dukes trousers from a nasty accident involving the dogs and Sharleen Spiteri.....

Anonymous said...

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