Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Museums Sheffield are currently hosting the Vivienne Westwood exhibition, which was originally shown at the V&A. We like Museums Sheffield, because they had the bright idea of making an exhibition about knitting to run along side the Westwood show. I'm really chuffed because Vivienne Westwood 'told' me to knit when I was a child, so I shall be goggling at those jumpers.

'Get Knitted' opens on July 10th and it will feature the Cast Off Knitting Club back catalogue of films and patterns, and some brilliant public work by brother Shane Waltner, amongst others. 

Sheffield has a heavy history of Steel, so I knitted them some knives, forks and spoons in silk for the exhibition catalogue, because silk, is of course, stronger than steel.
The pattern for this friendly cutlery will be printed in the catalogue.

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Georgie Kuna said...

Hello PYF xxxxxx these are lots of kisses, even though I don't know you at all, because your blog is fabulous. Yep, I knit, more and more and more. Its a very big bad and beautiful habit for me now, and I am embracing it at long last. I've been having these ideas, and thinking maybe they were just silly, but finding you has made me realise that even if they are silly, so what?!!!! lots of lots of love xxxxxx