Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Doreen and gang! The amazing Doreen, who is 89 years old,  arrived at the shop complete with her Stephen Jones hat collection. After styling us, she and escorted us to the V&A to see our knitted paper crown in the Easter Bonnet parade.  As we stood in the V&A foyer, the cameras went wild around Doreen!We were on time for the parade, but poor Tatty Devine were running late because baby Bebe was crying. They got to the V&A bang on time, by chasing a taxi with 'PYF' in the number plate. Yeah!

We all loved Rob Ryan's beautiful paper cut veil. It was crying, and we all thought of parties we had been to where we could have worn it.

Here we see two of the models before the easter parade with the Prick Your Finger Crochet paper crown(left) and the Tatty Devine Easter egg (right)  We didn't win Gold, Silver, or Bronze, but we did get a special mention from Stephen Jones, who asked the crown to step forward, and then said it was beautifully made and he couldn't work out how it was done! Woo!
For anyone who is interested, paper yarn is easy to spin, but not so easy to knit. It is actually crochet, and remarkably heavy. Harriet took some better pictures which I will post another day. Our bonnets will be on display in the French Connection flag ship store, and hopefully one day come back to PYF.


A rambling rose said...

This is so inspiring to us 'older' makers - I so want to know more about Doreen!

Prick Your Finger said...

We met Doreen in the library, and we started talking about hats. She had a collection of them, which she brought round to the shop, for us to try on. We were in the middle of making our paper crown for the V&A, so we invited her along with her hats. Doreen was explaining to us that when you wear an amazing hat you can be centre of attention but you don't necessarily need to say anything. She was right, all the cameras flocked around her! Doreen is amazing, she was telling us about all her parachute jumps etc. She has a lot of energy!