Monday, 28 December 2009


Thank you to everyone who donated money, by purchasing a toy at our party for Aketsun Loveable. We have raised a grand total of £63.17 for the Environmental Justice Foundation, who heighten the awareness of the true cost of cotton.
We shall be delivering this giant cheque to the EJF in the new year, and hope, with your help, to raise more money for them in the future.
(We are quite proud of the giant cheques, which have digital swirls in the back ground, lifted off a pamphlet promoting the Crafts Council.)


nicola stone said...

what will we do when cheques are phased out by the banks?

Rachael said...

Well I wondered if we could just continue and make our own cheques? Isn't it just a piece of paper with a promise on it? I wonder how we can keep it going? I guess we would have to form our own bank...