Monday, 28 December 2009


Father Christmas never fails to amaze me.
This year he brought the 'Speedweve,' Lancashire's smallest loom, made especially for darning. Darns come out square, for a modern look. Little hooks, twist to lift alternate threads, easing the weave, which is fast and effective. Genius.

(I'm down to phone camera, hense lo-fi images.)


Anonymous said...

We have the main weaving hooks piece of 'Speed Weve Mod.2' and have been wondering what it was for. Now I have only to carve the wooden wheel and make a metal slide to move the hooks over!
Thanks for the info!

Prick Your Finger said...

Oh good I am so pleased. I think if you are lucky, you might find a jam jar lid which fits the curve, and if you found two you could stick them together and it might work. I just fix the loom on with an elastic band. Good luck. It's so addictive you wouldn't believe it.